This section contains video content CTBUH has produced on Tall Timber via conferences, interviews, and media engagements.

24 February 2021

Mass Timber Construction Podcast with Special Guest, Antony Wood

Paul Kremer talks to Antony about the way tall timber buildings are transforming the urban habitat, and how a very large research project is encouraging...

17 November 2020

Tall Timber Buildings: Sustainability & Performance in a Post-Pandemic World

In their role as shapers of the built environment, developers and design teams often have the opportunity—some would say responsibility—to address societal issues through their...

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Erica Spiritos

Toward a Factory Approach to Tall Timber Building Construction

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Jeff Spiritos

Mass Timber Adoption for Tall Buildings: The Developer's Perspective

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Jennifer Cover

Jumpstarting the Tall Timber Building Industry

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Kevin Flanagan

Pushing the Conceptual Limits of Mass Timber: The Oakwood Towers Series

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Philip Gardiner

Engineering a 12-Story Mass Timber Building Over an Existing Retail Center: 500 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, Australia

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Philip Vivian

Designing Tall Mass Timber Office Buildings: 25 King, Brisbane, & 55 Southbank, Melbourne